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"Angel" / Works Progress Administration (WPA) excavation at Angel Mounds.

"Clark Maritime. 1975"

"Angel T13C 1960"

"P9/H-20-B View Of Excavation Reinhardt, Campbell, Jacobs, Kiste, Dorwin. June 20, 1960. Hornbaker"

"Angel. Downey Raibourn Joan Giffin. 1952"

"Angel Mounds. 1945. L R.F. Martin"

"P3/P-9-D Setting Stakes In P-9-D. June 15, 1961"

"Angel Mds. W10D. Angel Mds. James T. Black. 1946"

"Angel Mounds. Q9A. 1946" / Glenn Black (front left), William Rude (right)

"Misc A.M. Pat Morris checking correctness of floor plans from photographic tower U-11-D, U-12-A. 7/15/59"

"P28/ U-11-D. Thomas Hutchinson And Mark Stewart Plotting Feature F2 In Block 1-R-4 Kodacolor. July 3, 1959"

"Warrick Co. P42/Wv6 Ray Site Camera Crew At Work July 14, 1953"

"Warrick Co. P4/Wv6 Ray Site Opening The Summer Dig at Ray Site"

"Bottle - X11C/1472 and Broken Bowl X11C/1473 - Being Uncovered By Workman - Ollie Baker."

"Ralph Wilgarde June 1948"

James Kellar June 1948

"P147/S11D 1951" / Emily Brockshlager

Misc. A.M. Richard Noel

"P10/P-13-V Completion Of .0 To .4 Cut 8-L-5 7/6/54"

"P9/P-13-C Digging .0 To .4 Cut Blocks 9-L-5 + 8-L-5 6/30/54 speed graphic (?) about 15 ft f20at 100. Lily Marchant, Joan popoff, bettye broyles digging front level"

"Md.F/14 11-21-41 Field Crew of This Date"

"A.M. Misc. 92 Looking Through Waste Pile of Tractor Removed Earth - L-3 Trench N13D. 6/22/50"

"A.M. Misc. 85"

"Cedar Point The Crew"

Map 40-Atlas of American History.jpg
Depiction of the Great Lakes region depicting the time between 1688-1753.

Map 22-Early Maps.jpg
This is a pencil-drawn manuscript made by an unknown draftsman who attempted an artistic production with little training behind him. He also attempted to depict the Ohio and some of the surrounding country, with the benefit of precious little…

Map 19-Early Maps.jpg
"This interesting map may or may not have been executed from information furnished by George Washington. It is probably a composite map based on the best information available to the publisher, who was primarily interested in maps and charts, about…

This infamous nineteenth-century map of southwestern Wisconsin during the lead mining boom(1820s) illustrates the regions significant mines and settlements. View the maps labels and see if you recognize any of the names.

One of two maps in this collection by French military officer Georges Henri Victor Collot (1750-1805) during his 1796 reconnoitering expedition through the Illinois and Louisiana Territorieswith fellow French cartographer Joseph Warin and North…

This map was “compiled from the best authorities” for Governor Ninian Edwards in 1815 during his third term as governor of the Illinois Territory. Governor Edwards twice sent militia against Native peoples, in the War of 1812 and the Winnebago War,…

From the National Archives, Record Group 77, Lundin #171.

GLV 114.jpg
This map is from the third edition of Carey’s American Pocket Atlas; containing twenty maps... with a brief description of each state and of Louisiana... third edition, greatly improved and englarged (1805). The volume is significant for its new…

Some of the 1951 crew taking measurements at Angel Mounds. Elizabeth Brockschlager standing at back.

"Angel Mounds - Misc. / Kodacolor Negative / Mrs. George Martin holding Proton Magnetometer sensing head along a non-magnetic tape to take readings of the earth's magnetism at one-foot intervals in Subdivision P-9-D. / Mrs. G. A. Black holding…

Francis Martin_Raaf Mound_1951_N1624.jpeg
Frances Mound on left point to exposed Raaf Mound, also known as Crib Mound. 1951.

Curry and Kellar_1950_N1788.jpeg
Hilda Curry and Jane Kellar on left with artifacts. 1950.

April 1.jpg
April Sievert sitting at an excavated dig.

Liz 2.jpg
Elizabeth Watts Malouchos at Cahokia Mounds supervising the Institute of Field Research field school. 2016. Lead by Dr. Sarah Baires and Dr. Melissa Baltus.

Mel 2- mel, kasim and donkey.jpg
Melody Pope in [country] with Kasim and a donkey. [year]

Ida Blackwith Magnetometry van.jpg
Ida Black standing in front of the magenetometry van at Angel Mounds.

Liz 1.jpg
Elizabeth Watts Malouchos sitting in front of an in situ Roman Pithos on a survey in Greece. 2013.

April 2.jpg
April Sievert in [location]. [year]

Mel 1.jpg
Melody Pope, front, at an excavation in [country] in [year]

Ida Black 1946 2.JPG
Ida Black with her flowers, most likely at Angel Mounds.

Cataloging archaeological objects. Frances Martin in blue at head of table. Others not yet identified.

Slack Farm (15UN28). Cheryl Munson on right, Madonna Ledford on left. 1988.

"P13C" / (R to L) Joan Popoff, Lily Marchant, Ann Stofer, Frances Martin(?)

"Pre-delivery Jane Kellar" / Jane Kellar. Angel Mounds. 1950.
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